Software Engineering Consultancy, Research & Development

AynSoft is an Enterprise that acts in the area of software engineering. Almost ten years of leading research activity provide AynSoft with the power to envision and build the future of IT.

Memebers of Aynsoft have participated in 10 research projects, 4 nationally funded (Greek-EU) and 6 EU-funded. In these projects AynSoft members contributed from several positions, such as developers, researchers, principal investigators, analysts and designers. The focus of these projects were on software engineering, open source, component-based software engineering, quality assessment and education.

The list of projects that our members have participated or are currently participating in are listed below:

I. EU funded
1. SQO-OSS: Source Quality Observatory for Open Source Software, 2005-2008.
2. Open SME: Open Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs, 2009-2012.
3. OpenSE: Open Educational Framework for Computer Science Software Engineering, 2009-2012.
4. OpenED: Designing for Participatory Learning in Open Educational Environments, 2009-2012.
5. PROMES: Process Models for Engineering of Embedded Systems, 2013-2017.
6. ACES: Architecting Critical Embedded Systems, 2013-2017.

II. Nationally Funded
1. K-Clusters: Knowledge Clusters in Western Macedonia, 2004-2006.
2. TRACER: Identifying software vulnerabilities and securing legacy systems, 2011-2014.
3. APIvsAPP: A Comparative Study of Library and Application Software in Open-Source and Industrial Applications, 2012-2015.
4. STEREO: Software Engineering Research Platform, 2012-2015.


AynSoft members perform leading high-quality research in the field of software engineering for almost a decade. The research team has published more than fifteen scientific papers in top Software Engineering research venues.


Web Services

AynSoft could not have missed the mitigation of any kind of application to the web. We develop highly complex web applications, including, but not limited to Software Design Consultancy and Evaluation tools and Scientific Engineering web applications.


Points of Pride

Our members have been ranked among the best in software engineering journals, software engineering conferences, research grants and many more! Have a look on things that have made us proud in the last years!


Latest Research News

September, 2013

AynSoft product in ESEM 2013

A research paper that uses will be presented in the 7th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM' 13) in Baltimore!

Latest Development News

August, 2013

Odeum Manager goes online

After five successful years as a desktop application, Odeum Manager migrates to the web. All customers will be automatically gain the benefits of using a modern web service.

Latest Point of Pride

August, 2013

AynSoft paper in Top 25 Hottest Articles

A scientific paper of an AynSoft member, "Research state of the art on GoF design patterns: A mapping study", is in the Top 25 Hottest Articles in the Journal of Systems & Software (Elsevier Publishing)